Hungry Shark Arena

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You play as a shark in Hungry Shark Arena, where you battle for supremacy under the sea. Make yourself the biggest predator in the sea by hunting, growing, and devouring your enemies. Are you ready to fight bloody battles?

Hungry Shark Arena was developed by Ubisoft.

How to play

Play the role of a shark as you navigate tumultuous waters and hunt prey to feed yourself and grow larger. Your shark will be small at the beginning of the game, able to attack only smaller prey, such as fish, but as you grow, you will be able to hunt larger prey. By charging and shredding other players with your powerful jaw, you can devour divers and other large fish. This is a battle royale game, so the goal is to survive until the last shark remains. Players will have to fight in order to win the game because the playing area will be reduced and poison will invade the ocean. Throughout the game, you'll earn gold that can be used to unlock other sharks with different characteristics. Have fun!