Hunter Hitman
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Hunter Hitman

Hunter Hitman

 In the fast-paced game Hunter Hitman, players must quickly and efficiently remove a large number of enemies. Get new outfits for your characters by playing and earning cash and cards.

Directions for Playing Hunter Hitman 

You play the part of a lone assassin armed only with a knife in the action game Hunter: Hitman. In addition, you'll need to use your assassination techniques. Loot cards may be used to purchase in-game cosmetic items. The coins you acquire may be used to unlock chests with loot within.

You may give your heroes a boost by combining three cards from the same deck. You may sneak up on your enemies, trap them in a position where they can't easily get out of their position, and then swiftly wipe them off.

Your options for movement are a click or tap. The game's interface will display a line that represents the path. If you complete it correctly, you'll earn three stars.

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