Imperia Online
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Imperia Online

Imperia Online

Are you considering a mighty conqueror, a cunning diplomat, or a fearless warrior? Do you want to lead your allies towards a typical goal? Imperia Online gives you unlimited choices of how to condition your destiny and leave your legacy!

Imperia Online will bring you into a world full of a sharp blade, long bow, and warhorse. You will enter the Medieval era, building the empire from the ground up, guiding its frat rulers, and leading it to prosperity.


You need to build, develop and expand your empire. Turing your small village into a vast Empire thanks to building and upgrading over 30 different buildings. Typically, each of those contributes in a different way to your economic and military power.

You will create or join an alliance. There is a variety of team play. You can join one of those, making friends and helping those achieve total dominance.


You will be in the world which exists in the times before the age of gunpowder, experiencing a number of mechanics and competing with numerous players in a totally realistic medieval strategic simulation.


Use your mouse and click around for control

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