Lobotomy Dash

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Lobotomy Dash is a spinoff game that is based on the Geometry Dash game series. In order to reach the finish line, you will need to overcome standard obstacles such as saw blades and spikes.

Instructions for Lobotomy Dash

By taking possession of our cube, you will be able to win Lobotomy Dash. It will be more effective for you to negotiate the terrain with motions that are rhythmic and intentional rather than jumping over barriers. It is possible that you may need a considerable amount of time to complete some areas; nonetheless, there will be no obstacles in your way.

Main Features

  • Collect all of the gold coins that are available on each level.
  • There are other characters that may be unlocked.
  • This never-ending action game is not only entertaining but also interesting.
  • Easy controls, gameplay that is already known, and amazing visuals

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