Mad Medicine
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Mad Medicine

Mad Medicine

Because Mad Medicine is a fantastic medical simulation game, it is necessary for you to gather first aid kits and other resources in order to assist your character in being physically fit and in good health.

Instructions for Mad Medicine

Would you want to eat well? What are you waiting for—the finest medical games available? Would you want to play medical games? Check out Mad Medicine if that is the case. You will be able to relax while retaining a decent athletic form if you play the game. To achieve victory, you must first recover from all of your wounds and then gather priceless stones and jewels. In addition to this, you will be required to amass helpful resources that will assist you in enhancing your health and agility. When you have reached the end of the race, it is important to remember to avoid obstacles and to observe your step count. There are a lot of different stages to go through in this game. It is necessary for you to finish each one and then triumph in the race that takes place at the conclusion of the level in order to secure the top position on the podium.

Main Features

  • Making improvements to tools and apparatus
  • Research is being done on proposed new therapies.
  • Participate in things that are both thrilling and entertaining.
  • Customize the settings of the hospitals.
  • You will be awarded for your effectiveness.
  • Enhanced playability in the periphery

Playing Mad Medicine is now available to you! Participating in the game will allow you to discover a whole universe that is packed with uplifting experiences and an unlimited number of options. In addition to Mad Medicine, you may play Healing Driver. If you want to go on an amazing journey, start playing right away!

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