Merge Pumpkin

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The primary goal of Merge Pumpkin, a puzzle game with a Halloween theme, is to combine multiple pumpkins into a single, enormous pumpkin.

Instructions for Merge Pumpkin

The task in Merge Pumpkin involves the repetitive action of selecting several veggies and eliminating those that exhibit either identical or comparable characteristics to at least two additional vegetables. In order to eliminate the platform, it is necessary to clear the playing board of the pumpkin-matching game. In order to do this task, it is necessary to identify and group veggies that share the same color, afterward removing each individual item from the group. The task of merging Pumpkin entails the manual selection of numerous vegetables, wherein those that exhibit identical or comparable characteristics to a minimum of two other vegetables are to be eliminated. Failure to remove the board in the context of this vegetable-themed matching game for aquatic creatures known as "veggie guppies" may result in the proliferation of herbs and subsequent loss.


  • The process involves the amalgamation, cultivation, and progressive development of a total of 20 pumpkins.
  • Automated combat: Overwhelm your adversaries through the utilization of the designated mechanism.
  • The process of training pumpkins to acquire extraordinary abilities
  • Acquire complimentary in-game and offline products.