Moto Cabbie Simulator
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Moto Cabbie Simulator

Moto Cabbie Simulator

Within the Moto Cabbie Simulator, you will have the opportunity to ride your motorbike and take people to various purple spots.

Instructions for Moto Cabbie Simulator

In order to play Moto Cabbie Simulator, you will need to ride your motorbike across the city and transfer passengers as rapidly as you can. However, you must take precautions to prevent any mishaps. You will encounter more challenging and time-consuming assignments as you make your way around the city, but you will also be rewarded with greater rewards. It is possible that you may have to return if you discover that some streets lead to nothing.

Main Features

  • Controllable gameplay options
  • Angles of view from the camera
  • Go up against the leaders of the gang and defeat them.

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To use the hand brake, use Space, Arrows, or WASD.

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