Muscle Challenge

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For those who like playing casual games, Muscle Challenge is an excellent alternative to consider. The primary objective of the game is to gather all of the nutritious food in order to improve your muscle mass.

Muscle Challenge instructions

In order to win the Muscle Challenge as quickly as possible, you will need to gather all of the healthy food for muscle in order to become the strongest that you can be and defeat your opponents. Additionally, you must take care to steer clear of any and all fatty foods while you are on the road. The thrill of video games is combined with the fundamentals of bodybuilding in the game Muscle Challenge, which makes working out a really enjoyable experience. Following the completion of each level, you will have the opportunity to customize the look of your character by picking attire and accessories from a variety of options.

Key Features

  • Twerking and sprinting are both elements of this thrilling game.
  • The race has a challenging obstacle course that players must conquer.

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