Noob Flip
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Noob Flip

Noob Flip

While playing through Noob Flip's stages, you may take pleasure in the game's Minecraft-inspired aesthetic.

Instructions for the Noob Flip

The narrative of Noob Flip follows an adventurer who attempts to elude the authorities. Simply pressing one button will flip the thing over. You might want to give it a second or third go if, after the initial attempt, you find that you are unable to do the flips successfully. Make an attempt to do a backflip by pressing just one button! Test yourself to see how many levels you can finish.

Similar to Stickman Flip, keep your finger on the mouse button and let go when you are ready to fly into the air, complete a backflip, or rotate. While you are flying in the air, you should attempt to circle and land on a red tile. You will fail the level if the Noob gets hurt in any way, including hitting his head, falling flat, or any other way.

Characteristics of the gameplay

Several different characteristics

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A control mechanism that is uncomplicated

Jumps that are so high they'll make you lose your breath.

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