Stickman Flip

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Stickman Flip is an entertaining game in which the objective is to get the highest possible leap in order to discover something new.

Instructions for Stickman Flip

Stickman Flip Diving is a very fun and challenging stunt game. Don't forget to get your thrills by leaping from some of the world's most treacherous and tallest cliffs when you're around the world. Perform different jump styles. You are free to perform an unlimited number of stickman flips without risking injury by banging your head on the ground. You'll be able to rack up more points and unlock a wider variety of characters and outfits as a result of this.

Characteristics of the gameplay

Several different characteristics

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A control mechanism that is uncomplicated

Jumps that are so high they'll make you lose your breath.


Left / Right arrow = back / front flip