Noob Ninja Guardian

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In the exciting new Noob game Noob Ninja Guardian, there are Zebras in unending waves.

Noob Ninja Guardian instructions

As a fearless guardian ninja, your mission in Noob Ninja Guardian is to keep your Doyo safe from invaders and to defend him. In order to unleash the ninja's techniques and eliminate the zombies, you may click on the region that contains them. As much as you can, try to eliminate zombies. Don't forget to gather all the coins and improve your abilities to personalize and enhance the strength of your character.

Key Features

  • Gain lightning-fast speed control over a stickman.
  • Become a better shooter and gather materials to build a supply of weapons and gear.
  • Controls that are straightforward and easy.
  • A variety of weapons with unique powers should be gathered.

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Use the mouse to move.