Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit
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Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit

Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit

Noob vs Hacker Diver Suit is an awesome game where you need to find and wear a suit from a hacker to be alive


In Hacker and Noob's travels this time, the woodland is underwater! Be cautious; before going underwater, you must rapidly locate a diver suit. If you cannot swim, you should not drown. To survive, you must locate and don a hacker diver suit right away. You must be cautious as a newcomer because there are monsters nearby. Don't forget about the fireball-throwing beast; his fire can kill you.


This time the woodland is underwater in Hacker and Noob's travels! Be cautious; you must quickly locate a diver suit before diving underwater. You should not drown if you do not swim. To live, you must immediately locate and put on a hacker diver suit. As a newbie, you must be cautious because there are creatures around. Don't forget about the creature who throws fireballs; his fire can kill you.


You need to use WASD or Arrow keys to move

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