Oil Tycoon 2

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You may get rich in Oil Tycoon 2 by distributing oil to different countries.

Guidelines for Oil Tycoon 2

Oil Tycoon 2 was created by Holy Cow Studio. In this game of idle or incremental gameplay, you can build your own oil empire. Increase your investment and put it into cutting-edge tech. Bonuses are awarded for completing objectives and speeding up the construction of the oil platform. Increase your profits by investing in mine expansion.

In Tycoon 2, you play as a 20th-century American oil tycoon in a fantastic business simulation. It's a comprehensive manual for setting up, running, and growing oil business. The entire process of starting a business, from planning to implementation, is simulated in this game. Making deals, selling stuff off, etc. It's easy at first, but the more you get into the game, the more difficult it gets.

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