Panda Commander
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Panda Commander

Panda Commander

In Air Combat X, your objective is to battle your way through the skies as Panda Commander, which is one of the coolest fighting game features possible. The game also has a lovely panda.

A Guide to playing Panda Commander

It is highly recommended that you check out Panda Commander if you are a huge fan of Panda or games involving Panda. Utilizing your weaponry to fight your way through the skies and prevail over all of your adversaries is all that is required of you in order to emerge victorious from this game. It is also necessary for you to assist Ironpaw, the courageous Panda Air Fighter, in completing his mission and destroying the Boss who is in charge. 

Main Features

  • This most recent edition of the arcade and platform adventure also includes a number of new enhancements and updates.
  • Imagine yourself in the role of a charming Panda Commander.
  • There are also new foes, hurdles, and other potentially lethal difficulties that have been added. 

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