Ragdoll Duel 2P

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Ragdoll Duel 2P is an exciting game - a shooting video game with two players.

You have been with us on our website to have a whale of a time, we haven't really had one as unique and interesting as the game we are extremely happy to give out fine now, which may be quite funny and quite not the same as what you are being used to, that you could probably already tell from its subject: Ragdoll Duel 2P!

End up being the top ragdoll!
If the choice of using another person is unavailable, you can always play on your own up against the computer with the 1P model, but if you select the better mode, 2P, one of you uses the up arrow to shoot, as the other one uses the W key.

Both ragdolls you control, one red, one blue, will move their hands along randomly, so when you press those keys, they shoot.
Make an effort to time your shots so you strike the other player.
Of course, the target you have is to shoot down the other player more times, until their health bar is totally depleted, and then you feel the winner. Be successful in more rounds than the competition, and conquer all odds!
All the best, we wish you best wishes, and definitely invite you to definitely hang in there for more pleasurable to be enjoyed, as we offer you every single day!

The game is made by RHM Interactive


Player 1: You need use W

Player 2: Use "UP ARROW"