Reindeer Escape
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Reindeer Escape

Reindeer Escape

A fun arcade shooting game for Christmas called Reindeer Escape challenges you to shoot your way through every enemy.


Because they stole his finest Christmas deer, Santa is in big trouble. The other animals were unable to ride alone because the sled was now empty. The fact that you are aware of the identity of the person who abducted Klaus and that they are poachers makes Klaus lucky. The fact that this deer was stolen doesn't bother them.

The most significant individuals on Earth are these bandits. They don't think kids ought to be left without gifts. Visit their hidden hunting lodge and aid the prisoners in escaping from the Xmas Reindeer Escape. Christmas can't be saved easily. The goal of this entertaining game is to accumulate the most points.


Wonderful concepts and fantastic individuals.

For someone who enjoys deer and especially the snow there, this game is ideal!

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