Rider 2
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Rider 2

Rider 2

Rider 2 is a superb riding game similar to Rider.io and Snow Rider 3D in which you must operate a bike and attempt to unlock as many bikes as possible!

How to play

Rider 2 features are even more exciting and rapid-fire neon racing action. If you like the first Rider game, you'll adore Rider 2. As well as gameplay that is equally tough and enjoyable, the game's music and visuals are equally impressive.

You may perform insane acrobatics while cruising across Rider 2's infinite environment! Start flipping your bike to win an endless supply of cash! You can perform amazing jumps while competing with your buddies for the highest score. You can purchase your preferred motorcycle and learn how to perform a wheelie.


  • A bike stunt game set in neon lights
  • 2D games with side-scrolling
  • Beautiful objects
  • Unlockable cooler bike models
  • Fullscreen accessible
Use left mouse button to control the bike.
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