Snow Patrol
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Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol gives you the opportunity to play a 3D game in which you are tasked with collecting all of the smaller balls so that the ball you are currently playing with can become as big as it possibly can.

Instructions for Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol was created by Clap Clap Games, the game's developer. Snow Patrol gives you the opportunity to collect the maximum number of objects imaginable. Collect the maximum number of objects possible while avoiding bombs and other hazards and being directed by your collector.

You have the opportunity to test your skills through hundreds of increasingly difficult levels set in a wide variety of relaxing and engaging settings. This game will allow you to unlock new magnet bars as you go. Coins are awarded to the player whenever a level in Snow Patrol is successfully completed or mastered.


  • Some features can be found in the following:
  • There is a wide range of challenges available.
  • Sounds that have a unique and fascinating effect
  • Web browsers are available for use on desktop computers, mobile devices, and even Apple's iOS.

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