Snowball Racing
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Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing

One of the best 3D games out there is called Snowball Racing, and it involves rolling a snowball as far as you can.

How to Play

The winter sport of snowball racing is a feat of talent that may be practiced with the help of How to Play Snowball Racing. Gather snow and race as quickly as you can to the end. Snowball Racing has these stages accessible right now. The things you do in the future will be more impressive because of your development.


Holding down the finger or mouse button will cause the stick figure to move. Then, direct the stick figure's movements to roll the snowball. You may complete the bridge by filling it with snow.

Other winter games with Snowball themes

Giant Snowball Rush is a new 3D arcade game where you race with a snowball and try to avoid all kinds of obstacles.

Snowball Destroyer is a snow Christmas game following the snowball theme of Snow Rider 3D and Snowball Rush 3D in which you have to pass all obstacles to win!

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