Squid Fighter
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Squid Fighter

Squid Fighter

Squid Fighter is an exciting game - a 2-player game in which you need to fight with various Squid Game characters.

Time has come that you should finally play fighting with each other video games with squid game online, which is just what we provide you with right now in the awesome 2 player fight game known as Squid Fighter, which is a 3d game where you may become various characters from the Netflix show that you like, and enter an area to truly have a match to the loss of life with each other!
Fight the right path to be successful in the Squid Game arena!
Player 1 will assume the role of a red guardian, while Player 2 can be player 001 from the show, and you'll be a part of a 3-circular challenge where you need to get two wins to be the champ.
Kick, punch, and episode your opponent to be able to deplete their health bar first, because when you can clear it out before they can do the same for you be successful, simple as that.
Now that you understand this, we invite you to begin the fun right now, and hopefully, you check even more video games out of this category, brought over limited to you!

The game is made by Hihoy


Player 1: A, D for still left, right, W to bounce, F to punch, G to kick, R for special attack.
Player 2: Still left, Right arrows to go, Up arrow to jump, K to punch, L to kick, O for special attack