Stickman Army : The Defenders

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Stickman Army : The Defenders is an incredible warfare game in which you are tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding your establishments regardless of the circumstances.

Instructions for Stickman Army : The Defenders

In Stickman Army: The Defenders, it is your responsibility to defend the White House and engage in combat with the adversary at whatever cost. Make sure you don't forget to purchase your troops with energy drinks in order to protect your base and purchase a variety of weaponry in order to stop your opponents. Always keep in mind that you should position your troops in a smart manner in front of a structure and protect it.

Main Features

  • Attacks that include teleportation are a speedy method of eliminating your adversaries.
  • A selection of swords, hammers, and lightsabers are available for your selection.
  • To combat criminals and outlaws, you will need to take on difficult trials.
  • Explore the interesting personalities and the tales they have to tell.
  • To guarantee that your mission is successful, you must choose the appropriate weaponry.

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