Stickman Troll- Thief Puzzle

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Stickman Troll-Thief Puzzle is an incredible puzzle game in which you must triumph over all of the obstacles that are scattered throughout each level. You also need to use your brain to its full potential by stimulating each and every neuron in your brain.

Detailed Instructions for Stickman Troll-Thief Puzzle

In order to complete Stickman Troll: The Thief Puzzle, you will need to take control of a character that is a stickman and engage in conversation with the trolls. Also, you will need to devise strategies for deceiving them. In this game, you have the opportunity to accomplish a wide variety of objectives, such as acquiring girlfriends or removing their skirts. Make sure you utilize your head and remember to overcome all of the challenges that you encounter at each level.

Main Features

  • Make use of the abilities and resources that other pupils have to assist you in escaping.
  • These stunning animations are sure to cheer you up and improve your spirits.
  • Because of its hilarious plot, you are going to burst out laughing.

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