Survivor Rainbow Monster

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Playing the role of an anonymous youngster who has been abducted while on a school trip is the primary objective of the exciting action game Survivor Rainbow Monster, which is designed for lovers of the Rainbow Monster franchise.

How to Play Survivor Rainbow Monster

If you want to win Survivor Rainbow Monster, all you have to do is figure out how to get away from the horrible monsters. The Rainbow Monster, a few other creatures, and you will be the only beings present in this game. As you go through each night, you will face a variety of objectives and difficulties, and you will need to overcome them all in order to keep your life safe from the clutches of your terrible foe until the very end. In any environment, you should not overlook the need to discover a variety of hiding locations.

Main Features

  • Tower defensive mechanisms are used.
  • A variety of game modes to choose from
  • The objective is to amass, improve, and deploy strategic monsters.
  • Improve your ability to think strategically.

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keyboards and E - mouse- Touchpad