Tactics core

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Tactics core

Tactics Core is a .io game - an online multiplayer shooter online game which allows you to activate in high-tech warfare against a number of other players.  You will need to take the battlefield with a huge selection of powerful models that assist you to level up and upgrading predicated on the number of kills you get. 


When you begin, you can pick from a variety of warships including a roller, a javelin, a silencer, and a manta. Typically, each device has different figures and weaponry.

Additionally, you play as either the blue or red team, and also you must defend your platform whilst venturing out into the available to fight your opponents in combat and make an effort to destroy the bottom.

You could accelerate defeating your opponents by working with teammates to avoid being outnumbered. 

While you destroy opponent items, you will gain XP and level up. Because of this, you can buy new and better items and upgrades. 

Ensure that you use both typical harm and special skills in each unit to carefully turn

The tide of battle on your side


Use Arrow keys or WASD for moving

Left-click for shooting

1 for by using a special skill