Telekinesis Attack

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As you play the easy and fun game Telekinesis Attack, you will be required to make use of your particular ability in order to overcome your opponents. Moreover, you are able to interact with a variety of items.

Instructions for Telekinesis Attack

In order to control items, such as hurling foes, you will need to utilize your brain in order to perform Telekinesis Attack. Remember that you must pay close attention to each step, as well as the path and that you must do all in your power to destroy all of your adversaries. As the game progresses, the stages get much more difficult and include a greater number of foes.


  • For the initial line of defense, you should make use of a shotgun.
  • You should amass more weaponry as you go.
  • Carefully manage your armory of weapons.
  • Consume a beverage to give your energy a boost.

This is a great game that is both charming and filled with action, and it is called Telekinesis Attack. Playing additional action games such as Circle Crash and Geometry Dash Maze Maps is a good idea.