The Battle Cats

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An unusual hypercasual game, The Battle Cats tasks you with leading your army of feline warriors to victory against a wide variety of foes.

Game Rules

Cats, despite their cuteness and hair, have a reputation for being sassy. The game may seem basic at first glance, but it really includes quite a few interesting elements. The mechanism for combat is easy to grasp. If you want to battle a specific kitten, simply touch on it.

Having a boss may be like having an enemy; the two terms are not synonymous and there are three main characteristics that define a boss. The time an opposing force needs to regenerate its numbers is called its spawn interval. This range may be predetermined or it may be bounded by upper and lower bounds. When this occurs, the game will choose one of them at random.


  • The simple and straightforward combat system
  • In this game, you may unlock and use a wide variety of bizarre and cute cats in battle.
  • The mechanism for effortless balancing
  • There are dozens of game types and dozens of legend challenges, totaling hundreds of levels.