Tomb Runner
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Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner is a great running game where you have to jump, rush, slide, and try to surf over and around all the obstacles.


Join Professor Jones on a never-ending running adventure! To get past obstacles, you can run, jump, slide, and rush through temples, strange landscapes, and subways. Along the way, you will find valuable gems, powers, and coins. Agent 99, Lara Bones, and Agent 99 are some of the cool characters you can get. There are also cool Disco Dancers you can get. Running is endless fun! You can use your computer, tablet, or phone to play the online game Tomb Runner.

It won't be easy to beat your high score every time you play. In this game, the adventurer tries to get out of the tomb and find the treasure. It's up to you to help him along the way. This game is exciting and fast-paced, with statues that are on fire, barrels with spikes, and gaps that you can't slide through.


Endless track that can be run in an infinite number of ways
You will be moving quickly and on your feet.
Six characters can be unlocked with coins.
Graphics that are both beautiful and amazing
When you need to make a quick decision, there are simple controls that won't slow you down.

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Your character does what you tell it to do with the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you press left, your character will go to the right side of the track. If they turn left, they will move to the right. To jump over obstacles, go up. Get around things that are in the way by going down.

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