Sticky Run

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Sticky Run

Sticky Run is an online game - a great endless running platform game where you have to regulate your heroic stickman and guide him via an endless maze of platforms and obstacles

Sticky Run is endless therefore you must simply observe how far you can progress - you will see yourself playing again and again to beat your top score! You 'must' have fantastic reactions and quick fingertips to conquer the programs and hop or slide with time to steer clear of the time things.. What top rating is it possible to register with this stickman hero?


You need to use your up key to present jumps (double tap it to present a double jump)

Use down key to present a roll to slider under items

All controls are straightforward and easy to pick up.


It is an endless running

There are various obstacles

There are unique platforms and obstacles with each new game

Sticky Run is made by Maximiliano Demonte


Use up arrow to jump, press again to double jump

Use down arrow to roll