Traffic Rider
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Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider

Playing as a superbike rider, your goal in the fun racing game Traffic Rider is to avoid hitting any of the other vehicles on the road.

Game Rules

In the first-person perspective of Traffic Rider, the player looks down at the controls. In order to succeed in the face of impending difficulties, you must act swiftly and with impeccable timing. Traffic Rider has an iron will and is rarely lenient. A single incorrect action might force a complete mission restart. The objective of Traffic Rider is not speed but completion. Don't let off of the pedal; you need to keep going. Those that win won't give up easily. If you're a jerk behind the wheel, Traffic Rider will reward you with points.

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Traffic Rider Legend: you must demonstrate your bike-riding prowess by navigating the limitless high-speed roadways.

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