Vex 5
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Vex 5

Vex 5

The Vex setup's fifth stage game is known as Vex 5. Each level is a maze of dangerous obstacles and traps. You need to outsmart these challenges in order to reach the finish line. The trials in this fifth part should be the most difficult thus yet.

Standard Levels

There are eleven customary acts that must be carried out. As you can anticipate, it becomes harder. Both the maze and the traps get trickier.

Challenge Room

10 phases are featured in the default game mode of Vex 5. There is, however, a whole new game mode.

The exam room is a synchronized long-distance race through 30 degrees of deadly puzzles. There is a timer and a death toll. Restarting will result in a different request that will test your innate abilities.


Vex 5 sends you a virtual reward bureau with four achievement classes. You can earn fantastic prizes if you successfully complete a presentation without giving up or collapsing too heavily. At that point, Hardcore triumphs are occurring. Cloaked stars that are scattered across each level are among these achievements.


To finish a level in Vex 5, you must develop the ability to tolerate disappointment. Because rotating sharp edges and spikes will frequently execute you. Through this terrible encounter, you learn how to succeed at the level. After that, you move on to the next level and must repeat everything.

Everything in Vex operates according to a model. It makes sense to take a moment to observe. Take as much time as necessary, then move past the difficult roadblocks.

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WASD or the arrow keys can be used to move.

To restart a level, press R.

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