Wheelie Challenge

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Wheelie Challenge puts you in control of a racing bike and challenges you to go as fast as you can.

The directions for Wheelie Challenge 

Wheelie Challenge, a free online wheelie game on Snow racer 3D is an outstanding bike racer. Simply click and keep your finger on the screen for the stickman to begin doing wheelies while riding his bicycle. The difficulty of the game will be increased by various obstructions, such as ramps. Keep your wheel in the air and do your best to keep your concentration.

Wheelie Challenge  Features

  • Choose from among hundreds of different automobiles.
  • Personalize both your vehicle and your persona.
  • Here are several racetracks where you may show off your tricks.
  • Demonstrate that you have an exceptional understanding of physics.
  • Take on your chums in a friendly competition on the Leaderboard.
  • Unlock awesome prizes by completing challenging quests.

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