X2 Block Match

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In the puzzle game X2 block match, your goal is to attain the number 2048 by connecting blocks that have the same value.

Instructions for X2 Block Match

The objective of this game is to achieve the number 2048 by merging blocks with the same number, and you do this by combining blocks with the same number. As you go through the game, it will get harder to assemble the blocks. The higher the stakes go, the more you'll need to rely on your ability to solve problems in order to progress through the game. Maintain your concentration, carefully plan your actions, and see the score climb right in front of your own eyes.

After clicking the rows from which you want to fire the blocks, click the blocks that are next to those rows. This will result in there being four blocks instead of two.

Some Features of X2 Block Match

  • Challenges that have never been seen before provide an exciting new dimension to the game.
  • Controls that are simple and straightforward to master.
  • You may get free games to download and play.
  • An enjoyable time spent online with family and friends

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