Balanced Running

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As you lead the character through Balanced Running, you must maintain your equilibrium.

Balanced Running

One can win balanced running by taking the safest, steadiest steps possible without losing their balance. Remember to walk confidently and fearlessly, one big stride at a time. Try your hardest to finish this difficult task in order to overcome it. The visuals draw inspiration from Minecraft. There are two different player modes available. You and a friend can play together or alone. Now let's get started!


  • Using the money you earn by finishing every game screen, you may unlock a variety of paint tools to create distinctive and vibrant artwork.
  • Nearly silent sound effects: this keeps gamers from becoming sidetracked and helps them concentrate.
  • Purchasing a VIP Package or turning off the network connection will get rid of the advertisements.

Put on your color! Enjoy endless entertainment by playing Balanced Running. Check out the other casual games such as Skibidi StickBloons or Among Us Smash for more entertainment.


1 Player Mode

Use the W / up arrow key / left-click to walk forward.

2 Player Mode

  • Player 1

Use the up arrow key to walk forward.

  • Player 2

Use W to walk forward.