Skibidi StickBloons

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The goal of the fantastic game Skibidi StickBloons, an agility bubble shooter modeled off Skibidi Toilet, is to explode the balloons and complete each arena.

Instructions for Skibidi StickBloons

Do you enjoy Bubble Shooter and Skibidi Toilet games equally? A fantastic method to enjoy both games is using Skibidi StickBlons. By aiming arrows at the balloons with the Skibidi Toilets, you can win the game. Getting every balloon to explode up in each stage is your objective. There are 20 levels for you to finish. As additional balloons are added and they are positioned in increasingly difficult ways, they become more difficult.


  • Numerous Bloons and obstacles may be found throughout thousands of levels.
  • Cartoon figures from Skibidi assaulting the flowers
  • Skibidi Towns: Eight breathtaking vistas to adorn
  • Gather screen power-ups as you go through the levels.

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