Among Us Smash

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You have to crush every balloon in the adorable and lovely game Among Us Smash, but not the blue ones!

Guidelines for Among Us Smash

Are you a fan of Among Us? Are you a fan of Among Us? In such a case, remember to play Among Us Smash. To play, you have to pop the colorful balloons that are positioned in between us. Blue balloons may be smashed up to three times. One balloon may be among a group of balloons, while another purple balloon may be concealed among the other balloons. Smashed will also break the purple balloon if you break the group. In Among Us Smash, your performance on each level determines how many stars you receive. 


  • Graphics and visual effects
  • It feels somewhat familiar to play the same game.
  • Match three problems with thousands of increments
  • Remove obstacles by selecting potent enhancers.
  • Collect enough stars to open up additional routes.

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