Ball Surfer 3D

Similar Games

Ball Surfer 3D is a game that bears a resemblance to Slope Run  and Slope since it falls under the category of an infinite game. The primary objective of this game is to navigate around various obstacles, while simultaneously gathering powerups and accumulating points. The ultimate goal is to unlock all available balls within the game.

Guidelines for Ball Surfer 3D

To optimize gameplay in Ball Surfer 3D, it is advisable to strategically utilize speed boosters, and ramps, and execute substantial jumps. Failure to navigate the pits situated between the tracks will result in a loss. The three primary boosters encompass a protective shield that safeguards the ball from detonation upon collision with an object, a magnet that gathers crystals, and a multiplier that augments one's earnings twofold. It is imperative to utilize speed lanes and ramps in order to maintain the ball's trajectory.

Fantastic Features

  • The color of the cube can be customized.
  • Enhance the initial configuration of your cube to include a greater quantity of components.
  • There exist multiple stages that must be accomplished.