Black Friday Stacker
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Black Friday Stacker

Black Friday Stacker

This Black Friday holiday, Black Friday Stacker will be a fun casual game to play. You have to finish all 40 levels as quickly as you can!

Black Friday Stacker guidelines

Do you hold off until Thanksgiving? Would you like to feel amazing? Check out Stacker for Black Friday! All you have to do to win is stack them without letting the whole thing fall. Playing Black Friday Stacker online can help you go up the rankings. Gather as many crowns as you can in a week. Should you wish to contend for the league's top 20 awards, you must perform at the highest level possible. Black Friday Stacker is a game that will test your abilities, sharpen your mind, and provide hours of entertainment.


  • Select an item and proceed to uncover concealed benefits.
  • Win titles to go up the ranks.
  • Engage in Tower Duel with a minimum of fifty participants.

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