Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape

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You may play Pac Maze Alphabet Escape, an excellent arcade game, with Alphabet. To win, you have to make it to the finish line and use every star and coin.

Instructions for Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape

One of the greatest Pac-Man spins ever made is Pac Maze Alphabet Escape. You have to guide a character through an alphabet Pac-Man maze in order to cross the finish line. Remember to use up stars and coins. There are additional mazes in three different difficulty levels, from simple to challenging, if you're up for the task. Three difficulty levels are available: Easy, Normal, and Original. Instead of three lives, Easy grants you five. Easy moves a bit more quickly than Normal.


  • Mix and combine ten paths with sixteen permutations.
  • Numerous mazes with three varying degrees of complexity, from easy to challenging, are present.
  • To find out how you stack up against other players, you may participate in tournaments.

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On a PC, you can move by using WASD, and on a mobile device, you can click the mouse.