Boxing Fighter

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In Boxing Fighter, your abilities will be put to the test as you attempt to avoid the strikes that are coming your way and then deliver the one that will eliminate them.

Instructions for Boxing Fighter

Do you like boxing and games that include boxing? For those who have a passion for boxing, Boxing Fighter is an excellent game to give a go. By boxing your opponent to victory, you have the opportunity to win the game. Make sure you remember to use your boxing glove to avoid being hit by the Block Punches. There are also well-known boxers who are major names in the sport whom you will compete against.

Key Features

  • Take part in a boxing game that is based on reality.
  • Step-by-step Mode for the Story Involve yourself completely in the narrative.
  • Put your talents to the test in boss battles.
  • Get in on the action and meet some new people.
  • Put some thought into your knockout strike in boxing.

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