Crazy Plane Shooter

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In the fantastic shooting game Crazy Plane Shooter, in order to prevail over all of the game's foes and bosses and emerge victorious, you must first finish all of the game's stages.

The instructions for Crazy Plane Shooter

Crazy Plane Shooter is a simple but entertaining online arcade game in which you take control of a jet and shoot down other planes while navigating a bizarre alien landscape. In a few moments, you will be able to use the keys on your keyboard to control a jet as it is travelling at a high speed. You just need a few keystrokes to navigate through the skies, fire missiles, and dodge obstacles while you're playing this game. On the ground, it is possible to operate vehicles and land aircraft. You should instead focus on picking up boxes, power-ups, and weaponry as you go through the level. They will make it easier for you to overpower your opponents and will also give you defences.

Tips for Crazy Plane Shooter

When you are ready to shoot, you need to press the space bar. It is best to steer clear of firing straight at the adversary, since doing so will cause you to lose a life.


  • Acquire a variety of different aeroplanes.
  • Incredible designs and effects both.
  • Amazing power-ups like Fun Escape 3D and Balloon Run.
  • Co-op and single-player game modes
  • PC-Optimized
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