Hobo Speedster

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In the fun and addictive motorbike racing game Hobo Speedster, you may unlock each of the four riders as you play.

How to play Hobo Speedster

For someone who likes 2D cartoon motorbike graphics, the Hobo Speedster is a great choice. To go through every level in this game, you have to show off your skills on a motorbike. To be first to cross the finish line, you will have to go past every obstacle that is situated on a high mountainside. Along the route, there are diamonds and money waiting for you to collect them. In addition to finding a variety of maps, completing seven tasks will earn you rewards.

Main Features

  • Easy controls and a fun gaming experience all through the game!
  • In order to win, drive your automobile using the most efficient techniques.
  • several levels to finish.

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  • A or Left arrow = back
  • D or Right arrow = forward