Impostor Vs Noob

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In the fast-paced video game Impostor Vs Noob, your objective is to vanquish all of the foes present in each stage before advancing to the subsequent one.

Instructions for Impostor Vs Noob

The game Impostor vs Noob is a horizontal shooter and aim game in which you are tasked with eliminating the noobs. You need simply shoot at the walls to make the bullets bounce around until they hit someone, which is all that is required to win. You will discover more than one hundred distinct tasks to accomplish in a variety of environments, including woods, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, and the depths of the ocean. You are going to run into noobs everywhere, and in order to reach your goal, you are going to need to use your pistol to fire the noobs as well as the ricochets that come from the bullets. In order to prove that you are the best imposter, you will need to triumph over a number of difficulties.


  • You may play any one of the three primary game modes that are available.
  • Experience brand new gameplay modes on a consistent basis thanks to recurring events.
  • Dress up your character with a variety of different accessories.
  • You may bring your goofy pets with you to the matches if you want to.
  • Embellish your entrance hall.

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