Parkour Block 3D

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Parkour Block 3D is a fun and addicting parkour game that has 35 levels. The game has a variety of parkour challenges. Your objective is to perform a sequence of jumps across a variety of platforms that range in height and are separated by varying distances.

How to Play

It's going to be tough to beat Parkour Block 3D. To begin, you will need to have a solid understanding of the lengths and distances of the leaps that you are able to do in order to become ready for each level. Second, when you jump, look below you to get a better view of the platform below you.

In order to complete each level, you will have to make your way over a number of platforms that range in height and distance from one another. You will need to start the game over from the beginning. Running and leaping become the primary activities you engage in throughout the day as you play Parkour Block 3D.

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To move the character around, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys.

To make a leap, use the space bar.
Shift to the left to run.

To return to the menu, press the Esc key twice.
Drag the mouse in any direction to rotate the camera.