Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup

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Another excellent option for soccer competitions that require players to achieve a goal is Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup.

How to play Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup

To achieve victory in Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup, it is necessary to score goals against the goalkeepers, as is the case in other penalty games, such as Penalty Shooters 3 and Penalty Kick Wiz. The initial step is to select your preferred soccer team. Subsequently, aim to convert each projectile into a goal and avoid allowing anyone to enter. Move quickly. Outscore your opponent in a series of five penalties, and then assume the role of the goalkeeper to obstruct your opponent's attempts at a goal.

Key Features

  • To participate in the tournament's finals, you must secure the top two positions in your classification. 
  • The squads have been updated with a new data bundle.
  • Easy and rapid gameplay