Plane Racing Madness

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Plane Racing Madness is an interesting racing game like Speed Moto Racing and Big Bird Racing in which you have to complete all races and booster cool down system while relaxing.


Have you ever fantasized about piloting a heavily modified aircraft that serves only as a killing machine? In this survival combat plane racing game, you can fly and compete with your plane in 3D settings. Play customized World War II modified planes in a difficult racing setting with fun levels, powerups, and landscapes with true 3D physics. Most accurate warplane simulator available!


Enemy AI -Booster cool down system -Complete race system -5-weapon dogfighting system (machine gun, missiles, mines, shield and repair) -Extra routes and shortcuts -Human vs solo and two-player modes 3 Different game modes (Championship, Arcade, and Time Trial) -3 levels of difficulty -A local leaderboard -Unlock system: As the player advances, certain objects or tunes become available. -Cool Countdowns most significantly, enjoyable for you!


Keyboard: Arrows (Up, Down, Left, Right) For player 1, keys Turn Left, Right, Up, or Down. - X, Booster - Pause: C - Space for power-up - N cameras - P or Escape to pause Player 2's actions Keys - WASD keypad (W, A, S, D) For player 2, keys You may also set your own keys.