Siren Head Forest Return
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Siren Head Forest Return

Siren Head Forest Return

The fantastic first-person shooter known as Siren Head Forrest Return challenges players to defeat a monster that has a siren's head by using a variety of weapons, including an ax.

Siren Head Forest Return instructions

It is possible to get Siren Head Forest Return by discovering deserted terrains or communities that have been abandoned. All of these places are excellent places to go hunting since they will immerse you in thick woods that are filled with tall trees and feature an uncomfortable calm. Keep in mind that even seasoned explorers might be misled by the animals' strange strategies and sounds, so it is important to be watchful at all times.

Main Features

  • Those mind-boggling riddles
  • Games of "hide and seek" style
  • Incredible animations in three dimensions
  • Visit some spooky locations.

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