Poppy Huggie Escape
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Poppy Huggie Escape

Poppy Huggie Escape

In the fantastic game Poppy Huggie Escape, you must attempt to escape a hose filled with various objects by leaping, running, and sliding.


Locate huggy and enter the space. Sprint, leap, and slide to avoid obstacles as you escape the house. Scary Plan your escape when Huggy returns with a terrifying room adventure! Wuggy is guiding adversaries to a grotesque and unsettling location where Kissy is uninhibited. Before the pursuer catches up to you, collect every key needed to unlock a door. Use your score to open the store and gain access to new chasers like Sonic.exe, Huggy, Freddy, or the Zombie among us.


Running, jumping, and sliding game. To improve your score, play a simple game. frightening platform game


By crouching and using the keyboard arrows, you can leap and run over obstacles. To leap and crouch on mobile and tablet devices, simply touch the screen and drag it.

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