Sniper Attack

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Sniper Attack is a fast-paced video game in which the objective is to remove as many of your opponents as possible with any weapon you can find.

Instructions for Sniper Attack

You can win the game by selecting one of the two maps that are offered, then zooming in so that you get a good view of the adversary. Make use of the telescopic sight you were given in order to hit all of the targets and achieve a high score. Aim for the highest possible score to advance your sniper ability to the next level. You can also wander around to gain a better awareness of your surroundings and to find a hiding spot before anyone shoots at you. As soon as you have located your target, you can utilize your telescope to get a closer look at them.

The Primary Features

  • An exciting first-person shooter action game
  • Enjoy 3D graphics with controls that are easy to use.
  • More than 50 individual levels of intense gunfighting against criminals
  • Experience one of six different maps.
  • Improve and open up 7 different weapons.

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