Snowball War: Space Shooter

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Snowball War: Space Shooter is a fun racing game where you have to steer your spaceship and avoid getting hit by snowballs.


After a long trip through the universe to get to Christmas, you fly your spaceship back home. You suddenly find yourself in the middle of a storm of snowballs. Move your spaceship and fire all of the snowballs at once to avoid getting hit.

Gimmicks in games can be used to draw attention away from the boring gameplay. If used right, they can make people feel better. One Snowball War: Space Shooter online game makes you feel right at home right away. A small spaceship travels through the galaxy in search of new life. Instead, it ran into a huge army of snowballs that attacked everything they could see. Use the ship's turrets and evasive moves to save it. Bigger enemies take longer to defeat, and the challenge gets harder as time goes on. Fix the damage and get out of the cursed area.

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To fire over and over, Keep pressing the left mouse button. Move the cursor left or right to avoid the projectiles coming at you. When a bullet hits the target, its health value goes down. Shoot until big snowballs come tumbling down. Then get back up and keep shooting. You can fix the spaceship in an emergency by clicking quickly on it to get it moving again.