Stick Run
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Stick Run

Stick Run

It's a great pleasure to venture into unknown tunnels and other locations in the game Stick Run. Characters may become available to you as you go.

How to Play Stick Run

In Stick Run, there are several strategies for gaining advantages and eliminating foes. In order to reach the end of each level, Stickman must run, jump, and avoid obstacles. Eliminating all foes and staying out of harm's way will give you additional points.


The game features two modes, Infinite and Explore, for players to choose from.

In Explore Mode, you can discover hidden passages and access all of the game's playable characters. It's possible to keep running forever in Infinite Mode.

You may start participating in Stick Run right now! Check similar games like Run Away 3 and Run 3 to have fun!


Space tunnels may be jumped through by pressing the up arrow key.

Use the left and right arrow keys to spin the globe.

By pressing and holding the Up Arrow key, you may adjust the height of your leap.

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